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Philosophy of Mind in Budapest

Conference March 29-31; Sponsored by Collegium Budapest and The Central European University and organized by Katalin Balog and Barry Loewer

There will be a conference and workshop in philosophy of mind at the Collegium Budapest and the Central European University March 29-31. Both lectures and workshops are open to interested people. The workshops will be discussion by the participants. If you are interested in attending the workshops as a discussant please contact Kati Balog. The workshops will consist of discussions of particular issues (see below) raised in papers presented at the conference and some other relevant papers that are posted on this website. Workshop participants are expected to read the relevant papers ahead of time. The workshops will be structured so that for the first 45 minutes the discussion will be limited to designated discussants familiar with the issues. (To keep the initial discussion manageable we limited the designated discussants. There is room for one or two more discussants on each of the sessions. If you would like to be (or not to be) a "designated discussant" for a particular session contact Kati.) After that the discussion will be open to everyone.

Unfortunately Jaegwon Kim had to cancel do to illness. The revised schedule is below.

Conference Schedule

March 29 (at the CEU in Gellner room)

--17:00 "The Intuition of Dualism and Kripke's Argument: How Can Materialism Appear Both True and Yet Possibly False"

David Papineau, King's College London

Chair: Howard Robinson

March 30 (All events at Collegium Budapest will be held at the Seminar Room)


--9:30-11:00  "Mental Demonstration"

Joe Levine, Ohio State University

Chair: Simone Mahrenholz

--11:30-13:00 "Physicalism and Causal Exclusion"

Carsten Hansen, University of Oslo

Chair: Juraj Hvorecky

Lunch 13:00 (there is limited space at the Collegium for lunch so please get in touch with Kati by March 23 if you would like to be included)

Workshop --14:30-17:00

Phenomenal Concepts and the Explanatory Gap

The workshops will start with a précis of the papers discussed. Following this, the designated discussants have a first opportunity to discuss the issues. The last half hour will be open to all participants who have read the discussion papers ahead of time.

Discussants for the Thursday workshop:

Kati Balog, Tim Crane, Axel Gelfert, Juraj Hvorecky, Joe Levine, Brian McLaughlin, Martine Nida-Rümelin, David Papineau, Howard Robinson, Maria Venieri, Zsófi Zvolenszky

Papers to be discussed:

Session I: 14:30-15:15 An Argument for dualism
Martine Nida-Rümelin, "Grasping Phenomenal Properties"

Précis: Martine Nida-Rümelin
Chair: Tim Crane

Session II: 15:30-17:00 The phenomenal concept strategy

Kati Balog, "Acquaintance and the Mind-Body Problem"

David Chalmers, "Phenomenal Concepts and the Explanatory Gap"

Joe Levine, "Phenomenal Properties and the Materialist Constraint"

Joe Levine, "Conscious Awareness and (Self-)Representation"

David Papineau, "Phenomenal and Perceptual Concepts"

Précis: Kati Balog and Joe Levine
Chair: Kati Farkas

March 31


--9:30-11:00 "Explanation and Identity"

Brian McLaughlin; Rutgers University

Chair: Resit Sahin Canbeyli

--11:30-13:00 "Is 'Non-conceptual Content' Content?"

Louise Antony; Ohio State University

Chair: Ferenc Huoránszki

Lunch 13:00


Session I: 14:30-15:45 Non-conceptual Content

Fodor, ""The Revenge of the Given" Balog Revenge of the Former Student"

Stalnaker, "What non-conceptual content might be"

Tim Crane, "The Nonconceptual Content of Experience"

Chair: Barry Loewer

Discussants: Louise Antony, Kati Balog, Tim Crane, Kati Farkas, Carsten Hansen, Ferenc Huoránszki, Joe Levine, Barry Loewer, Simone Mahrenholz, Brian Mclaughlin, Nenad Miscevic, David Papineau

Session II: 16:00- 17:30 Type F monism

Daniel Stoljar, "Two Conceptions of the Physical"

Chalmers, "Consciousness and its Place in Nature"

Chair: Kati Balog

Discussants: Tim Crane, Kati Farkas, Carsten Hansen, Ferenc Huoránszki, Joe Levine, Barry Loewer, Brian Mclaughlin, Martine Nida-Rümelin, David Papineau, Howard Robinson


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