Budapest Conference 2010 - Sharing the Benefits of Joint Research

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Welcome and Introduction

The crucial role of science and technology in socio-economic development and sustainable growth is widely recognized both in Europe and in Asia. Rapid internationalization of S&T is an increasingly important feature of the S&T landscape. The rapidly strengthening S&T base in the ASEAN region and Europe’s continuing progress towards a more knowledge based society underline the need for a substantive and informed effort to strengthen S&T cooperation between these two regional entities; as well as to find the right balance between cooperation and competition.

Andrew SorsSEA-EU-NET is an inter-regional project which aims to foster cooperation and to strengthen joint European and South East Asian actions, especially in addressing global challenges.
SEA-EU-NET also promotes international collaboration by creating bi-regional policy dialogues, and scientific matchmaking including participation in the Seventh Framework Programme (collaborative research funding programme of the European Commission).
This, the third SEA-EU-NET stakeholder conference, will focus on the further strengthening of research ties between the EU and ASEAN region and on sharing the mutual benefits of this enhanced cooperation.

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the Third Bi-Regional EU-SEA S&T Stakeholders Conference whose theme is “Sharing the benefits of joint research”. The conference will be held on 24-25 November 2010 in Budapest.

Its main aim will be to bring scientific experts and policymakers together to facilitate exchange of views on the outcomes and benefits of research activities both in EU and in the SEA region. To serve this goal, thematic workshops, presentations and roundtable discussions are planned for participants across various scientific and institutional backgrounds. It is also the first time that stakeholders in the project will have an opportunity to meet in one of the new member countries of the European Union.

The event will take place at the Hungarian Culture Foundation in the prestigious Buda castle area of Budapest, Capital city of Hungary.

I invite you to take a look at the Conference Programme and other information provided in this booklet. All of us in Budapest associated with SEA-EU-NET hope that you will be able to participate in this event; we are convinced that the ambitious goals set for this event can be achieved through the active participation of relevant stakeholders.

Collegium Budapest Institute for Advanced Study, in full association with the National Office for Research and Technology, NKTH, is pleased to be one of the partners in the SEU-EU-NET.

We hope to welcome you in November to Budapest.

Andrew Sors
Collegium Budapest Institute for Advanced Study