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Gábor Klaniczay

Permanent Fellow of Collegium Budapest - Institute for Advanced Study, Professor at the Department of Medieval Studies at the Central European University (CEU), Budapest.
Born in 1950. Graduated in History, Medieval Studies, and English Philology in 1974 at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest. 1976 postgraduate studies in Paris with Jacques Le Goff (EHESS) and Michel Mollat (Sorbonne). 1983 Dr. Phil. at ELTE. 1984-90 Assistant Professor, 1990-94 Associate Professor, 1994-97 Head of the Department of Medieval European History, ELTE. 1990-91 Fellow of the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. 1991-92 Assistant Dean for International Relations at ELTE, Faculty of Humanities. 1992 Getty Scholar at the Getty Center for Arts and the Humanities, Santa Monica. 1994- Full Professor, 1992-97 and 2005-2007 Head of the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU. 1997-2002 Rector of Collegium Budapest. 2003/2004 Fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford.

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Principal Academic Interests

Historical anthropology of medieval and early modern European popular religion (sainthood, miracle beliefs, healing, magic, witchcraft). Investigations on medieval dynastic sainthood in Central Europe,on the judicial context of miracle and maleficium narratives from the canonization trial to the witch-trial, on medieval and modern visions and apparitions. Comparative cultural and religious history of Hungary and Central Europe in an all-European context.

Selection of Books

  • The Uses of Supernatural Power. The Transformations of Popular Religion in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Polity Press, Cambridge - Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1990, pp. 259.
  • Holy Rulers and Blessed Princesses. Dynastic Cults in Medieval Central Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002. pp. 400.
  • (ed.), Proces de canonisation au Moyen Âge. Aspects juridiques et religieux - Medieval Canonization Processes. Legal and Religious Aspects. École française de Rome, Roma, 2004. pp. 392.
  • (ed. with Éva Pócs), Communicating with the Spirits. Demons spirits and witches I. CEU Press, Budapest, 2005. pp. 275.
  • (ed. with Éva Pócs), Christian Demonology and Popular Mythology. Demons, Spirits, Witches II. CEU Press, Budapest, 2006. pp. 284.
  • (ed. with Éva Pócs), Witchcraft Mythologies and Persecutions. Demons, Spirits, Witches III. CEU Press, Budapest, 2008. pp. 292.

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