Mellon Disciplinary Workshops in Sofia, Bucharest, and Budapest

funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Information on the Sofia Workshop

Place: Centre for Advanced Study Sofia

Date: 7-10 December 2005

Topic: Sociology and Interdisciplinary Knowledge

One of the unquestionable characteristics of our times (variously labeled as the society of late modernity, the post-modern society or risk society) is the change in the status of scientific knowledge. This change concerns both the increased significance of knowledge as a key factor in social development and the considerable transformations in the very structure of science and research practices. The rationalization of these changes, however, outlined a number of problems – most significantly the crisis of disciplinary knowledge and the growing trend towards interdisciplinarity.

These issues pose a challenge to every scientific disciplinary field, but they become especially critical in sociology, characterized, as it is, by a multiplicity of paradigms and strong internal differentiation.

The purpose of the planned workshop is to discuss the role of sociology in the contemporary transformations in the human and the social sciences, as well as to suggest a critical reflection on the cognitive as well as the social institutionalization of sociology in the context of growing interdisciplinarity.

Our prospective discussion would focus on themes such as:

  • Scientific and disciplinary knowledge. The crisis of disciplinary knowledge. Disciplinarity, interdisciplinarity, multidisciplinarity.

  • Identity and openness of sociology. Can sociology be a rigorous and open science? Is sociology threatened by the expansion of the other human and social sciences? Are there any grounds for a ‘sociological imperialism’? Cognitive processes in sociology and its identity as a science – internal differentiation and/or fragmentation?

  • Disciplinary boundaries and vicinities. Areas of contiguity, delimitation, transition and dialogue between the different disciplines. Are the boundaries of sociology and the related social sciences being blurred? Borderline sciences and interdisciplinarity.

  • Models of sociology education and professional socialization in the context of interdisciplinarity.

These thematic fields and the related issues will be discussed both on a general theoretical level and in the context of concrete scientific problems and disciplines, research practices, organizational models and curricula. Contributions from your own perspective and research expertise will be very welcome.

Pepka Boyadjieva

CAS Permanent Fellow

Please send (via mail/e-mail/fax) your application in the required format (see “Application”) by 10 October 2005, to

Centre for Advanced Study Sofia, Attention Pepka Boyadjieva, Permanent Fellow

70, Neofit Rilski Str.

Sofia 1000

Fax 00359 2 980 3662, Tel. 00359 2 980 3704

Should you need further information, please contact Prof. Boyadjieva.


If you wish to participate in one or more of the workshops, please complete the form below and send it, together with an abstract (½ – 1 page) of your proposed contribution and your CV, directly to the institute where the workshop will take place. Please mind the respective deadlines of application.

Successful applicants for the CAS workshop will be notified by 1 November 2005. The list of participants and the workshop programme will be announced on the CAS website ( and on the workshop homepage ( Invited participants will receive travel reimbursement for up to 250 € (Budapest) / 350 € (Sofia, Bucharest). Accommodation and local expenses for meals and events will be covered by the organizing institutes.

We express our special thanks to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for their generous support.