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Fellowships - How to Apply

Scholars interested in a stay at the Collegium, and whose field of interest falls under the following categories:

  • anthropology
  • discourse analysis
  • economics
  • European studies
  • humanities
  • history
  • linguistics
  • social sciences
  • theoretical biology
  • theoretical physics
  • transition studies

are welcome to apply. The institute focuses on the above-listed research areas; however, researchers working in other fields are also encouraged to apply. In fact, all academic disciplines are eligible, but candidates should take into consideration that the Collegium cannot provide laboratories.

If you wish to apply, please write a letter indicating your interest, download the application form (junior, senior) and submit it, together with a Curriculum Vitae (max. 2 pages), a brief description of the research you would like to pursue (max. 3 pages), and the names of two scholars willing to write a short assessment of your qualifications (for senior applicants), while two reference letters (for junior applicants) to Zsuzsa Ágoston at
The application material will be presented to the Academic Advisory Board that considers all applications and makes recommendations to the Rector, who will make the final decision on the recipients of a Fellowship.

Scholars may apply or be recommended by others to become fellows either for a period of one academic year (October through July) (in general) or for one semester (October through February, or March through July). If you wish to recommend someone for Fellowship, write us a letter indicating briefly why you think that scholar would be a suitable candidate for Fellowship at the Collegium.

As a rule, scholars resident in Budapest cannot apply for a Fellowship (except in the category of Junior Fellow). On the other hand, within the framework of focus groups and projects, there is a general requirement to incorporate Budapest scholars as Associate Fellows, who are provided with working conditions similar to those of regular Fellows, while maintaining at least a part-time commitment to their home institution, thereby helping the Collegium further develop institutional contacts.

As opposed to earlier, now - similarly to Junior Fellowships - also senior fellows need to observe a fixed deadline for the submission of applications, which is set at 20 July 2011 for academic year 2012/13.

All materials must be submitted in English, or French, or German. A short English-language summary will be required in all cases.

Collegium Budapest offers three types of individual fellowship terms:

  • Senior Fellowships
  • Junior Fellowships
  • Residential Fellowships

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