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Newsletter Archive - Academic Year 2002/2003

Other Events

Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Collegium Budapest
29 September 2002

Farewell of Rector Gábor Klaniczay and Inauguration of New Rector Imre Kondor
30 September 2002
Speeches by Dan Brändström, The Bank of Sweeden Tercentenary Foundation, Stockholm; Dieter Grimm, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin; István Hiller, Political State Secretary, Ministry of Education, Budapest; Gábor Klaniczay, Collegium Budapest; Imre Kondor, Collegium Budapest. Music by Gábor Csalog.

Book Presentation: "Three Social Science Disciplines in Central and Eastern Europe - Handbook on Economics, Political Science and Sociology (1989-2001)
10 October 2002

Book Presentation and Discussion
Coordinated by Andrew Sors, European Commission, DG Research
Participants: Gábor Klaniczay, Collegium Budapest, Max Kaase, International University, Bremen, Ulrike Becker, IZ, Berlin, Vera Sparschuch, Berlin

Participants at the January 2002 conference of the project "The State of Three Social Science Disciplines in Central and Easter Europe" discussed the final version of the report on 30 countries. The handbook presented here contains the outcome of this discussion, the detailed and edited papers, and a few lectures. The project itself has motivated a high number of leading social scientists in Eastern and Western Europe. The objective of the project was to launch a general theoretical debate over the position of social sciences also by comparing how these sciences developed in the individual countries of the region after 1989-90.

The project was sponsored by the 5th Framework Program of the European Commission with the title 'Improving Human Research Potential and the Socio-Economic Knowledge Base'. There is a CD-rom attached to the handbook with important data and the addresses of related institutions in the region. The objective is to make it a reference handbook for all those who are interested in social sciences in Central-Eastern Europe. As a "living" and evolving data base, its contents will also be displayed in a homepage handled by IZ Berlin, Collegium Budapest and the Paris-based Maison des Sciences de l'Homme.

The book presentation is also related to the conference held in Collegium Budapest on 10-11 Otober 2002 with the title "Social Sciences and Humanities in the European Research Area - Perspectives for Central and Eastern Europe".

Photo Exhibition
Pieces by Collegium Budapest Fellow Martin Gojda
28 November 2002 - 20 March 2003

Conference on the Hungarian Economy on the Occasion of Professor János Kornai's 75th Birthday
20 January 2003

14:00 Opening by Jenő Koltay, Director of KTK of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
14:10: Attila Chikán: The Role of Shortage in the Intellectual Preparation for Transition
14:35 István Gábor R: Cyclical Movements and the Labor Market: Contribution to the Judgement of Orthodoxy in Economics
15:00 Zsuzsa Kapitány: One More Look at the Bokros Package in the light of inequality between households and mobility
15:25 János Köllő: Almost Renewal: Case Study on the Reorganisation of a Textile Factory in the Years of Transition
16:10 Iván Major: Allocation Efficiency and Profit Earning Capacity of Hungarian Companies
16:35 Péter Mihályi: Motivation by Company Leaders in Socialism and the Market Economy; Old and New Experiences
17:00 András Simonovits: János Kornai and the School of Hungarian Regulation Theory
17:25 Judit Szabó: Market Shortage and Universal Services
18:00 Reception

Meeting of Hungarian, Romanian and German Scientists
Bilateral Discussions; Partnering - does it work this way?
10 February 2003
Participants (among others): Piotr Swiatek, Kraus Wilfried, Köster Bärbel

Exhibition of Rita Kesselyák's etchings
27 March - 26 April 2003

Photo Exhibition
Pieces by Jindrich Streit: 'FOTÓHOMOK'
28 April - 20 May 2003

Photo Exhibition
Pieces by Gábor Erőss, Collegium Budapest Fellow
21 May - 5 June 2003

Book Presentation: Cetatea Oradea. Monografie Archeologica. Vol. I. Zone Palatului Episcopal by Andrei Rusu, Collegium Budapest Fellow
/Castle of Oradea. Archeological Monography, volume I. Zone of the Episcopal Palace/

26 May 2003
The monography is published by the Oradea-based "Tarii Crisurilor" Museum and the Cluj-based Archeological and Art Historical Institution of the Romanian Academy of Sciences. It reports on the outcome of archeological excavation conducted in the Castle of Oradea between 1991 and 1998. The findings of the excavation have been processed by a large group of archeologists headed by Dr. Adrian Andrei Rusu. Authors also include two Hungarian scholars: Zoltán Simon and András Fülöp from the State Center for the Restauration and Conservation of Historical Monuments of the National Office of Cultural Heritage.

Concert by Clavocello Trio (Poland)
12 June 2003

An International Poets' and Translators' Project
Music by Jasna Nadles and Milan Vrsajkov
Organised by Taja Kramberger, Collegium Budapest Junior Fellow
3 July 2003

Ludwig Hartinger (Austria)
András Imreh (Hungary)
Stefka Hrusanova (Bulgaria)
Taja Kramberger (Slovenia)
Gasper Malej (Slovenia)
Michele Obit (Italy)
Anna Talvaz (France)
Temenuga Zaharieva (Bulgaria)
Nicolas Beaupré (France)
Edition Thanhäuser frorm Ottensheim (Austria) with Christian Thanhäuser, publisher, editor and graphic artist debating with his colleague, editor, translator and essayist Ludwig Hartinger.
Jasna Nadles (flute) (Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, Conservatoire de Paris
Milan Vrsajkov (cello) (Mozart Academy in Cracos, Universität Mozarteum Salzburg)

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