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Newsletter Archive - Academic Year 2002/2003

Fellow Seminars

György Péteri
From Purge to Scandal: The Changing Style of Communist Politics in Post-1956 Hungary - report on a work in progress
24 October 2002

Alexei Miller
Is History of an Empire Possible?
14 November 2002

Martin Gojda
The contribution of air survey and remote sensing to the history of cultural landscapes in Central Europe
21 November 2002

Károly Takács
Undesired consequences of social control and structural learning
28 November 2002

April Flakne
Speaking While Eating: Two Traditions of Common Sense
5 December 2002

Imre Kondor
The New International Capital Accord
12 December 2002

Zsolt Kővári
Stellar Surface Structure: Freckles and Liver-spots
9 January 2003

Gábor Erőss
The Art of History
Comparative Cultural Study of the Representations of History and Memory in French and Hungarian Cinema. Film, public sphere and the field of power (1958-2002)
16 January 2003

Mónika Baár
Problems of Originality, Imitation and Intellectual Transfer in the 19th Century Historiography of East-Central Europe
23 January 2003

Laure Neumayer
The Europeanisation of Central Europe: a Framework of Analysis
The example of migration policies in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic
30 January 2003

Marie Lionnet
Hungarian Wall Paintings at the End of the Middle Ages: Main Issues and Case Study
(Iconography of the Virgin of Mercy)
13 February 2003

Alexandra Vacroux
Why Do Bureaucrats Take Bribes?
20 February 2003

Klaus Hödl
Jewish Memory, the "Jewish Body", and the Search for Judaism
27 February 2003

Matthias Zschokke
He Who Sits at His Table (Insight into a writing fellow's workday)
13 March 2003

Béla Novák and John J. Tyson
Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology
13 March 2003

Irina Livezeanu
"How Can One Be Romanian?" And How One Can Do Intellectual History?"
20 March 2003

Adrian Rusu
The Problems of Transsylvania's Castles During the 13th and 14th Centuries
27 March 2003

Michael Stewart
Suitable for Marriage? A Sinteza's Encounter With Racial Hygiene (Germany, 1941)
3 April 2003

Yuri Zaretsky
Why To Write This?
Epistola ad Mahumetem by Pius II
10 April 2003

Ilona Tomova
Are We Witnessing an Underclass Formation in Bulgarian Roma Ghettoes?
24 April 2003

Balázs Papp
Dispensable Genes and Robust Organism
8 May 2003

Dorota Dakowska
The Role of Party Foundations in German Foreign Policy on the Example of Their Engagement in CEE Countries After 1989
15 May 2003

Lai Hairong
Spreading of Competitive Elections at Township Level in China: Its Causes and Impacts
22 May 2003

Diana Stanciu
Cambridge Platonism, Freedom of the Will and Tolerance
29 May 2003

Taja Kramberger
Discoursive Realities as Representative Frames of Collective Memories
Some notes on the process of cultural transfer through translation
5 June 2003

Gáspár Jékely
Evolutionary Origins of Eukaryotic Cellular Architecture
12 June 2003

Peter Stamatov
The Religious Origins of Long-Distance Humanitarianism: England, 1780-1880
19 June 2003

Ori Dasberg
Diaspora and Political Theology:
The Legacy of Theocracy and Biopolitical-Theology
26 June 2003

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