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No. 1. János Kornai
[5.7 MB]
Transformational Recession. A General Phenomenon Examined Through the Example of Hungary's Development (June 93)
No. 2.

Victor Karády
[638 KB]

Beyond Assimilation: Dilemmas of Jewish Identity in Contemporary Hungary (April 93)
No. 3.

Susan Rubin Suleiman [109 KB]

The Politics of Postmodernism After the Wall or, What Do We Do When the Ethnic Cleansing Starts? (June 93)
No. 4.
Jens Brockmeier
[102 KB]
Translating Temporality? Narrative Schemes and Cultural Meanings of Time (Dec 93)
No. 5.
Thomas Y. Levin
[203 KB]
Cinema as Symbolic Form. Panofsky's Film Theory (Apr 94)
No. 6.
János Kornai
[7.5 MB]
Legfontosabb a tartós növekedés (Apr 95)
No. 7.
János Kornai
[6.4 MB]
Lasting Growth as the Top Priority: Macroeconomic Tensions and Government Economic Policy in Hungary (Apr 95)
No. 8. T.K. Oommen
[76 KB]
Reconciling Equality and Pluralism. An Agenda for the Developed Societies (Nov 94)
No. 9.
John M. Litwack
[51 KB]
Strategic Complementarities and Economic Transition (May 94)
No. 10.

Rogers Brubaker
[105 KB]

Nationalism Reframed: National Minorities, Nationalizing States, and External Homelands in the New Europe (May 94)
No. 11.

Leonhard Schmeiser
[105 KB]

KORRESPONDENZ: Zur Kontroverse zwischen Leibniz und Clarke über die Philosophie Newtons (June 94)
No. 12.
Anton Pelinka
[126 KB]
Leadership, Democratic Theory, and the 'Lesser Evil' (Dec 95)
No. 13.
Andrei Pippidi
[173 KB]
About Graves as Landmarks of National Identity (Dec 95)
No. 14.
Alessandro Cavalli
[54 KB]
Patterns of Collective Memory (Dec 95)
No. 15.
Jürgen Trabant
[74 KB]
Thunder, Girls and Sheep, and Other Origins of Language (Dec 94)
No. 16.
Iván Szelényi
[104 KB]
The Rise of Managerialism: 'The New Class' After the Fall of Communism (Oct 95)
No. 17.
Thomas A. Sebeok
[77 KB]
Semiotics and the Biological Sciences: Initial Conditions (Nov 95)
No. 18.
János Kornai
[3.9 MB]
The Dilemmas of Hungarian Economic Policy (Nov 95)
No. 19.
János Kornai
[12.7 MB]
Négy jellegzetesség. A magyar fejlődés politikai gazdasági megközelítésben (Nov 95)
No. 20.

Claude Karnoouh
[84 KB]
Le réalisme socialiste ou la victoire de la bourgeoisie (Jan 96)

No. 21.

Claude Karnoouh
[64 KB]
Postcommunisme/Communisme. Le conflit des interprétations (Jan 96)
No. 22. Ales Debeljak
[61 KB]
On the Ruins of the Historical Avant-Garde: The Institution of Art and Its Contemporary Exigencies (Febr 96)
No. 23.
János Kornai
[9.5 MB]
Paying the Bill for Goulash-Communism: Hungarian Development and Macro Stabilization in a Political-Economy Perspective (March 96)
No. 24. Erzsébet Szalai
[100 K]
Two Studies on Transition: Intellectuals and Value Changes. Notes from the Belly of a Whale. A World Falling Apart (March 96)
No. 25.
Martin Krygier
[123 KB]
Virtuous Circles: Antipodean Reflections on Power, Institutions, and Civil Society (March 96)
No. 26.
Alexei Shevtchenko
[159 KB]
The Philosophical Experience of M.K. Mamardashvili as the Reconstruction of Metaphysics in the Post-classical Age (Apr 96)
No. 27.
Alexei Shevtchenko
[93 KB]
The Concept of 'Transformed Form' and the Problem of the Unconscious (Apr 96)
No. 28.

György Csepeli, Ferenc Eros, Mária Neményi, Antal Örkény
[138 KB]

Political Change -- Psychological Change: Conversion Strategies in Hungary during the Transition from State Socialism to Democracy (June 96)
No. 29.
John Bátki
[3.4 MB]
Woman as Goddess in Krúdy's Sunflower. (July 96)
No. 30.
Julia Szalai
[121 KB]
Two Studies on Changing Gender Relations in Post-1989 Hungary (July 96)
No. 31.
Claude Schkolnyk
[96 KB]
L'utilisation du mythe en politique. Le centenaire de Petofi (July 96)
No. 32.
János Kornai
[1.2 MB]
The Citizen and the State: Reform of the Welfare State (Aug 96)
No. 33.
János Kornai
[5.5 MB]
Adjustment Without Recession. A Case Study of Hungarian Stabilization (Aug 96)
No. 34. Victor Neumann
[89 KB]
Multicultural Identities in a Europe of Regions. The Case of Banat County (Sept 96)
No. 35.
Katalin Fábián
[112 KB]
Within Yet Without. Problems of Women's Powerlessness in Democratic Hungary (Sept 96)
No. 36. Éva Hoós
[59 KB]
At the Crossroads of Ancient and Modern. Reform Projects in Hungary at the End of the 18th Century (Nov 96)
No. 37.
László Csontos, János Kornai, István György Tóth Tax-Awareness and the Reform of the Welfare State (Jan 97)
No. 38.
György Márkus
[95 KB]
Antinomies of 'Culture' (Febr 97)
No. 39.
Ion Ianosi
[32 KB]
Leben als Überleben. Ein ost-europäisches kulturelles Bekenntnis (March 97)
No. 40.

Zsolt Enyedi, Ferenc Erős, Zoltán Fábián
[133 KB]

Authoritarianism and the Ideological Spectrum in Hungary (June 97)
No. 41.
Grazyna Skapska
[133 KB]
The Paradigm Lost? The Constitutional Process in Poland and the Hope of a 'Grassroots Constitutionalism' (Oct 97)
No. 42.
Marina Glamocak
[111 KB]
Les processus de la transition. (Jan 98)
No. 43.

Pavel Campeanu
[63 KB]
Transition and Conflict. (Jan 98)
No. 44. Claude Karnoouh
[108 KB]
Un logos sans ethos. Considérations sur les notions d'interculturalisme et de multiculturalisme appliquée a la Transylvanie. (Jan 98)
No. 45. Benoît de Tréglodé
[3.4 MB]
L'homme nouveau en république démocratique du Viít Nam. Histoire d'une réinvention (1948-1964). (May 98)
No. 46.
Robert Wokler
[115 KB]
The Enlightenment: The Nation-State and the Primal Patricide of Modernity. (Jan 99)
No. 47. Diane Masson
[49 KB]
Le Mémorandum de l'Académie serbe des sciences et des arts de 1986. Tentative de reconstitution d'un prodrome au conflit dans l'ex-Yougoslavie. (July 98)
No. 48.
János Kornai
[540 KB]
The Borderline between the Spheres of Authority of the Citizen and the State. Recommendations for the Hungarian Health Reform. (July 98)
No. 49. Jerzy Hausner
[340 KB]
Security through Diversity. Conditions for Successful Reform of the Pension System in Poland (July 98)
No. 50.

Assar Lindbeck
[not available]

Lessons from Sweden for Post-Socialist Countries (July 98)
No. 51.

Stephen Haggard, Robert Kaufman, Matthew Shugart
[not available]

Politics, Institutions and Macroeconomic Adjustment. Hungarian Fiscal Policy-Making in Comparative Perspective. (Oct 98)
No. 52.

Joan Nelson
[not available]

The Politics of Pension and Health Care Delivery Reforms in Hungary and Poland (Oct 98)
No. 53.

Vito Tanzi
[not available]

Essential Fiscal Institutions in Selected Economies in Transition (Nov 98)
No. 54.

Vladimir Gimpelson
[not available]

The Politics of Labour Market Adjustment (Nov 98)
No. 55.

Béla Greskovits
[not available]

Brothers-in-Arms or Rivals in Politics? Top Politicians and Top Policy Makers in the Hungarian Transformation (Nov 98)
No. 56.
Roland Habich, Zsolt Spéder
[1.6 MB]
Winners and Losers: Transformational Outcomes in a Comparative Context (Dec 98)
No. 57. George Barany
[93 KB]
LandesBaumeister Csicsinyi and Hungarian Political Culture: Observations about a Shifting Concept and a Shifting Man (March 99)
No. 58.
János Kornai
[600 KB]
The System Paradigm (July 99)
No. 59.
János Kornai
[811 KB]
Hardening the Budget Constraint: The Experience of Post-Socialist Countries (July 99)
No. 60.
János Kornai
[626 KB]
Hidden in an Envelope: Gratitude Payments to Medical Doctors in Hungary (Sept 2000)
No. 61. Alois Riklin
[97 KB]
Montesquieu's So-called "Separation of Powers" in the Context of the History of Ideas (Sept 2000)
No. 62.
Augustin Ioan
[601 KB]
Place and Placelessness - Reinventing Post-Totalitarian Environments (Febr 2002)
No. 63. Manfred Wagner
[2 MB]
Art and/or Culture: Identity, Confusion or Derivation? (May 2001)
No. 64. Rudolf L. Tőkés
[338 KB]
Institute-Building in Hungary -
Analytical Issues and Constitutional
Models 1989-1990

No. 65.

Gábor Klaniczay
[532 KB]
The Process of Trance, Heavenly and
Diabolic Apparitions in Johannes
Nider's Formicarius

No. 66.

David Stark, Balázs Vedres
[224 KB]
Social Times of Network Spaces: Sequence Analysis of Network Formation and Foreign Investment in Hungary, 1987-2001

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