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No. 1. Wolf Lepenies
[3.3 MB]
Die Übersetzbarkeit der Kulturen. Ein europäisches Problem, eine Chance für Europa (Dec 93)
No. 2.

Saul Bellow
[47 KB]
Intellectuals in the Period of the Cold War (April 93)
No. 3.
Georges Duby
[33 KB]
A történelem írása.
(L'écriture de l'histoire ) (May 93)
No. 4.
Robert M. Solow
[32 K]
Understanding Increased Inequality in the U.S. (Dec 95)
No. 5.
Edmond Malinvaud
[2.7 MB]
The Western European Recession: Implications for Policy and for Research (Nov 93)
No. 6.
Reinhart Koselleck
[3.3 MB]
Goethes unzeitgemäße Geschichte (Dec 93)
No. 7.
Clifford Geertz
[52 KB]
Primordial Loyalties and Standing Entities: Anthropological Reflections on the Politics of Identity (Dec 93)
No. 8. David Stark
[396 KB]
Recombinant Property in East European Capitalism (May 94)
No. 9.
Claus Offe
[108 KB]
Designing Institutions for East European Transitions (Dec 93)
No. 10.
Françoise Héritier-Augé
[68 KB]
Un probléme toujours actuel: l'inceste et son universelle prohibition (Nov 95)
No. 11.
Jesse H. Ausubel
[3.5 MB]
The Liberation of the Environment: Technological Development and Global Change (Jan 94)
No. 12.
Helga Nowotny
[52 KB]
The Dynamics of Innovation. On the Multiplicity of the New (Oct 94)
No. 13.
Stephen Holmes
[140 KB]
Cultural Legacies or State Collapse? Probing the Postcommunist Dilemma (Nov 95)
No. 14.
Martin Kohli
[56 K]
The Problem of Generations: Family, Economy, Politics (Nov 96)
No. 15.
Thomas Mark
[36 KB]
Shakespeare as Literature (Dec 96)
No. 16.
Karl E. Webb
[52 KB]
Rainer Maria Rilke und die Bildende Kunst (Apr 97)
No. 17.
Thomas Luckmann
[52 KB]
The Moral Order of Modern Societies, Moral Communication and Indirect Moralising (March 97)
No. 18.
Peter Por
[92 KB]
'Bruchstellen seines immensen Stoffes': zur Poetik von Rilkes Neue Gedichte (June 97)
No. 19.
Giuseppe Vedovato
[652 KB]
La Hongrie vers l'Europe: de la vocation a l'intégration (Sept 98)
No. 20.

André Vauchez
[568 KB]
Le prophétisme médiéval d'Hildegarde de Bingen a Savonarola (Nov 1999)

No. 21.

Jacques Le Goff
[400 KB]
Vers l'étiquette de cour: un dîner officiel de Saint Louis et d'Henri III d'Angleterre (Mar 2000)
No. 22. Domokos Kosáry
[404 KB]
The Hungarian Revolution of 1848 in the Context of European History (Sept 2000)
No. 23.
Ágnes Heller
[552 KB]
The Three Logics of Modernity and Double Bind of Modern Imagination (Jan 2001)
No. 24. François Fejtő
[200 KB]
Souvenirs de Raymond Aron (July 2001)
No. 25.
Hendrik L. Wesseling
[109 KB] [215 KB]
From Cultural Historian to Cultural Critic: Johan Huizinga and the Spirit of the Nineteen Thirties (Sept 2002)

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