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No. 1.
Előadások a műfordításról. Szerk: Hans-Henning Paetzke. (Lectures
on Literary Translation. Ed: Hans-Henning Paetzke) (1995)

[1.3 MB]
No. 2. Origins of Language. Ed: Jürgen Trabant (1996)
[1.7 MB]
No. 3. The Family Justice System. Past and Future, Experiences and
Prospects. Ed: Ludwig Salgo (1996)

[1.2 MB]
No. 4. Les tensions du post-communisme/Strains of Postcommunism (1997)
[not available]
No. 5. Conference on Centres of Excellence (1998)
[514 KB]
No. 6. Buchpräsentation - Historische deutschsprachige Buchbestände in
Ungarn (1999)

[502 KB]
No. 7. Institution Building in the New democracies Studies in Post-post
communism. Ed: Hans-Georg Heinrich (1999)

[2.4 MB]
No. 8. Dating Undated Medieval Charters. Ed: Michael Gervers. (In
association with the Boydell Press.) (2000)

No. 9. Dix ans de ce-opération franco-hongroise. Ed: Jean-Paul Gulliaumet (2000)
No. 10. Rencontres intellectuelles franco-hongroises. Ed: Péter Sahin-Tóth
(in co-operation with Institut Francais en Hongrie) (2001)

No. 11. National Heritage - National Canon. Ed: Mihály Szegedy-Maszák

No. 12. The Politics of the Humanities. Ed: Anna Wessely (2001)
No. 13. The Participation of National and Ethnic Minorities in Public
Life. Ed: Gábor Halmai (in co-operation with INDOK - print-ready manuscript)

No. 14. Three Social Science Disciplines in Central and Eastern Europe:
Handbook on Economics, Political Science and Sociology (1989-2001)
Eds: Max Kaase and Vera Sparschuh (in co-operation with GESIS/Social
Science Information Centre (IZ), Bonn/Berlin (2002)

No. 15. Republic of Letters, Humanism, Humanities. Ed: Marcell Sebők (in
co-operation with NIAS) (2005)

No. 16. Antiquitas Hungarica: Tanulmányok a Fejérváry-Pulszky gyűjtemény történetéről
Eds: Edit Szentesi and János György Szilágyi (in Hungarian, 2005)

No. 17. The nineteenth-century process of "musealization" in Hungary and Europe
Eds: Ernő Marosi and Gábor Klaniczay (2006)

No. 18. The "vision thing" studying divine intervention Eds.: William A. Christian and Gábor Klaniczay (2009)


Other Publications (Art Catalogues)

No. 1. Anke Doberauer: Vierzehn Forscher - Fourteen Scholars - Tizennégy tudós (1998-1999). Ed: Anna Wessely
No. 2. Kép és Képiség-Bild un Bildlichkeit. Ed: Dóra Maurer (1998-1999)

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